kiteboarding / windsurfing

28 october


Slalom racing is a  high-octane discipline focused on equipment handling and technique.
It involves reaching starts, reaching courses, and obstacles to jump.

The Rules

General rules

  • Competitors must pass over each obstacle in the correct order.
  • Competitors should not touch obstacles.
  • Except when permitted, kiteboarders shall compete by using only the wind and water to increase, maintain or decrease their speed.
  • A competitor may swim, walk or paddle while capsized or recovering, provided the kiteboard does not gain a significant advantage in the race
  • Competitors shall not wear or carry clothing or equipment for the purpose of increasing their weight. However, a competitor may wear a drinking container that shall have a capacity of at least one litre and weigh no more than 1.5 kilograms when full.
  • If a competitor causes injury, damage or a tangle or gained a significant advantage in the race or series by her breach, her penalty shall be to retire.
  • Each competitor shall be provided with a race bib that needs to be worn and clearly displayed

Opposing Sailing Directions or Tacks

  • Starboard tack (right hand forward) has right of way over Port.  In general, Starboard competitor should hold their line while Port competitor passes downwind.

Same Sailing Directions or Tacks

  • Overtaking competitor must stay clear.
  • With overlap, upwind competitor should not bear off on a downwind (leeward) competitor.
  • Downwind board should not violently luff up into wind, to prevent being overtaken by upwind board.  Luffing that is easy to react to and is gradual is ok.

At Gybe Marks

  • With overlap, on approach to mark, outside (windward) competitor must allow enough water for inside (leeward) competitor to perform a gybe.
  • With overlap, outside competitor must not initiate carve gybe until inside competitor has started their gybe.
  • A competitor arriving at the mark after another board, should not interfere with the competitor that was at the mark first. (Exceptions obviously apply if first sailor falls off, leaving 2nd sailor with no time to react!)
  • If in doubt about your ability to gybe inside another competitor safely at a buoy please gybe around the outside.
  • All competitors have a duty to stop racing and assist any fellow competitor who due to kit failure, injury or other unknown circumstance may require assistance.

Entry Fees

TableSaw Stack Table
Slalom Early Bird On Time Late On the Day
Closes 5pm 20 July Closes 5pm 15 Oct Closes 5pm 24 Oct 26 Oct
$30.00 $40.00 $50.00 $60.00

Event Categories



Kite boarding



Age Group (M+F)

Under 19





Age Group (M+F)

Under 19


What you get


  • Each competitor will receive event merchandise at Registration see the event programme for times.

  • Event day results

  • Prize draw from our sponsors

  • An amazing race venue in an amazing part of the world

  • Safe and professionally managed event

  • An amazing experience to meet and greet all our event volunteers

  • A crazy weekend mixing with Stand Up Paddle Boarders, Kite Surfers, Ocean Paddlers, and Beach Netballers both on the beach and at the Husky Pub 

  • Post event snacks and recovery nutrition

  • Shopping at our event expo

  • and most importantly, the opportunity for bragging rights and annual stories with friends and family


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