Terms & Conditions

All requests must provide confirmation that Online Registration for the Event in question has been completed
The time frames noted are determined from the day of the Event in question.

Request for an Event Refund can be provided, as per the following:

  • Up to 8 weeks prior to the event, 75% of the entry fee will be refundable
  • between 4 weeks and 8 weeks prior to the event, 50% of the entry fee will be refundable
  • Between 1 and 4 weeks prior to the event, 25% of the entry fee will be refundable
  • between 0 and 7 days prior to the event, no entry fee is refundable.


NO REFUNDS will be available after the last time period under ANY circumstance


Request for an Event Transfer can be provided, as per the following

  • Can take place up until 10 days before the date of the Event
  • Transfer is within the current season ONLY (Seasons run from year end July – June following year)
  • Can only be to an Event of equal or lesser cost as the Event being transferred from (no refund of any balance of funds)
  • A transfer will cost a $10 administration fee.
  • BUT cannot take place into an Event that has already reached capacity
  • Please note that a transferred entry cannot be refunded in any manner after the original event has passed.  It however can be transferred again once, within that season ONLY.
  • If you wish to transfer to a shorter distance event at the same festival, no refund or credit of the difference in price between the two distances will be given.


There is NO TRANSFER between athletes.

All requests must be made via email to Athlete Services before each of the time frames noted.



Q: Can I get a refund or transfer to another event AFTER the event registered has passed? 
A: No. ALL refunds and transfers must be made within the time frames as outlined above.

Q: Can I get a full refund if I provide a medical certificate?
A: No. We will not make any exceptions for athletes that can provide a medical certificate or any other documentation.