Sun 27 Oct


Mixed Team $250

  • 5 - 8 Players per Team

  • Minimum 2 Males

  • Ages 12+

Female Team $250

  • 5 - 8 Players per Team

  • Minimum 2 Males

  • Ages 12+

It’s Netball, but not as you know it. Beach Netball combines rules from Netball, Basketball, Volleyball and Football.

There’s no thirds, so players can go long at every opportunity. Beach Netball is all about fun with friends.


+ Team Selection

  1. Lead from the front, get your captain sorted.
  2. Select from between 5 and 8 players, everyone can score in Beach Netball so ensure your team selection is full of all rounders.
  3. Pick your team name, make it great.
  4. Register your team, get that locked down.
  5. Get socially excited for Beach Netball and tell everyone you know, all support crews are welcome
  6. Start practising your long bombs and three pointers
  7. Organise your team uniforms.

+ Team Outfits

Look good, play better! Team uniforms should represent your teams personality. The brighter the better! There’s no shoes allowed on the court, but socks, soft peak hats, sun visors, and sunglasses are ok.

  • All players within the team must wear the same uniform.
  • Players may wear shorts, tights, netball dresses, socks, sun visors or soft peak hats and sunglasses
  • No jewellery, watches, necklaces or any other personal item may be worn that may cause harm to yourself or another player
  • Shoes are NOT to be worn
  • Teams will not be required to wear bibs

+ Registration

Team Captains must report to the Registration Tent (Huskisson Beach) no later than 1 hour prior the first match (approx 10:00am) and collect the day's fixtures.

+ Rules

  1. Once all teams have entered, a draw will be completed and emailed to the team Captain the week before the event.Entries close 1 week prior to the event.
  2. The event will be a Round Robin format. Each team will play each other in the first draw with the top half of the competition playing off in elimination for the Gold Division and the bottom half in the elimination for the Silver Division playoffs. (eg 1 v 4, 2 v 3) with the winners going through to the Gold medal match and the losers to the Bronze Match.
  3. Referees and Staff will organize score sheets and match balls and the timing of the games

On The Sand

  1. Mixed Teams can have a maximum of two males on the court at any one time, however, 1 male MUST be in the goal square at any one time.
  2. A coin will be tossed to see who starts the game, the opposite team will start the second half.
  3. Once each goal is scored, a throw-in will take place from the goal line by a member of the opposite team.
  4. The ball must cross the transverse line before the team can take a shot for goal.


  1. A goal can be shot from within the Goal Zone for 1 point.
  2. If a goal is shot from the area between the traverse line and the outside of the goal zone (known as the 3 pointer zone),3 points will be awarded.
  3. All players will be able to shoot for goals, but only two players from the one team can be in the goal ring at the same time.
  4. Umpires will indicate a 1 point goal by raising one hand and will indicate a 3 point goal by raining two hands.

Diving and Dropped Ball

  1. A player may dive on the sand to catch a ball on the full or claim possession of a ball on the sand (from either their own or opposing team) and then either play the ball from the ground or stand up and play the ball. Stepping will not be called in this instance.
  2. Players catching the ball face down on the ground will be allowed to roll onto their backs to pass the ball.
  3. The 3-second rule applies to both of the above.

When possession of the ball is turned over, the team in possession need to play the ball back over the transverse line.

Game Duration and Substitutes

  1. Each game will be 2 x 5-minute halves, with a 2-minute break at halftime
  2. The game will not be stopped for subs to take place and you can have as many subs as you choose
  3. For any injuries, the clock will not stop and the players must be subbed immediately
  4. All games will start and finish with a horn or whistle, same for completion of each half

NSW Netball
Normal rules will apply to Beach Netball as per hard court netball with: Out of Court / Replayed Ball / Stepping / Obstruction / Contact / Held Ball / Short Pass

+ Presentation & Prizes

Medals will be awarded to each team member down to the 3rd place for both Mixed & Female Teams.Players will receive sponsored products on the day