Sunday’s Dash Across the Bay and Back is purely a dash across and back for all wind sports. If you reckon you can be the quickest over and back against windsurfers and kiters, this is the race for you. This event is open to anything you can ride under a kite or as a windsurfer. This is going to be a mixed field event and it is extremely important that the Right of Way rules are followed and everyone avoids collision at all costs, whilst trying to be the fastest back.

There is going to be an official start, 15 min “Intent to Race”, 5 & 4 min “Warning”, 1 min “Get Ready”, 0 min “Start” and then it’s on. After entrants have crossed the start line, they’ll proceed around the buoy on the other side and back to the finish line.

There will be an award and bragging rights for 1st place for this event only.

NE Dash Across the Bay & Back

Start Place: Huskisson Beach

Start Place: Huskisson Beach

SE Dash Across the Bay & Back

Start Place: Huskisson Beach

Start Place: Huskisson Beach

Start Time: 11:00 Sunday 27 Oct 2019. (Speed/Race Boards 11:10, Foils 11:20 Sunday)

Event Finish Time: 12:00.

Start Place: Refer appropriate wind direction course map (below).

Event Coordinator: Peter Booth & Jennie Milton (Wind Sports Directors) Peter: 0411849818

Entry: Online Registration.

Skill Level: Confident kiter, ability to self-rescue / pack down, confidently rides upwind and down wind. Confident windsurfer, able to endure 9 km crossing of JB.

Tracking / Scoring: Bibs with numbers and spotters.

Safety: All the following items must to be worn Buoyancy Aid (legally required as more than 400m from shore).  All the following items are recommended to be worn Helmet, Kite Knife and Wetsuit.

Support: 2 x support craft, 1 x Start & Finish, 1 x Rescue Boat. If possible, entrants are to self-rescue and pack down before being collected.

Comments: Logging and Tracking devices are not required, as numbers are being spotted from the boat for first places.

Windsurfer Speed & Race boards: start 10 mins after initial start.

Kite & Windsurfer Foils: Second start 20 mins behind the rest.

This event won’t be run if the wind direction is from the SW.

Event Course


The Bay to Beach is an open water race from Husky Beach to a point on the opposite of the Bay (dependent on wind direction).

This is an open water event and we recommend that all competitors are confident and experienced in their activity.

Event Categories

- Open

Age Groups M&F

- Under 19
- Open
- 45+

Event Pricing

TableSaw Stack Table
Event Early Bird On Time Late On the Day
Kite Surfing Closes 5pm 20 July Closes 5pm 15 Oct Closes 5pm 24 Oct 26 Oct
8km $35.00 $45.00 $50.00 $60.00
14km $35.00 $45.00 $50.00 $60.00

Big air


Every afternoon the hectic winds rip through Point Perpendicular and across Jervis Bay. This marine sanctuary home to pods of dolphins and plentiful marine life make this scenic location a must for any kiteboarder. 

Added to a jam packed schedule of events is the big air contest, where riders will be judged on technical ability as well as height. State of the art measuring devices will be fitted to all competitors to ensure accuracy of what will be a truly epic event.

Have you got what it takes to go the highest over Jervis Bay? 


Event Rules

Kite surfers will be scored while being in the competition area

  • Kiteboarders are allowed to used any equipment in Big Air competitions - there are no restrictions

  • Kiteboarders should not land jumps on the beach

  • Judges award each kiteboarder's jumps points on a scale from 1 to 10 in increments of 1/10th of a point

  • Tied kiteboarders' heat scores will be listed in order of the best to worst individual jump scores - the rider with the best individual jump score wins

  • Judges analyse and score jumps based on height (70 percent) technical difficulty and risk factor (30 percent)

  • Wind conditions may determine a change in the weight given to the above scoring categories

  • The Big Air jumps have four basic categories: basic spins and rolls, kite loops, board-offs, and handle passes

  • Capsizing, grabbing the safety leash, crashing the kite, sinking, and landing on your back will be considered crashes by the judges

  • Crashes will be scored 0 points and will be counted as a jump attempt

Event Categories

- Open

Age Groups M&F

- Under 19
- Open
- 45+

Event Pricing

TableSaw Stack Table
Event Early Bird On Time Late On the Day
Big Air Closes 5pm 20 July Closes 5pm 15 Oct Closes 5pm 24 Oct 26 Oct
$30.00 $40.00 $50.00 $60.00


Slalom racing is a  high-octane discipline focused on equipment handling and technique.
It involves reaching starts, reaching courses, and obstacles to jump.


Event Rules

Competitors must pass over each obstacle in the correct order.

  • Competitors should not touch obstacles.

  • Except when permitted, kiteboarders shall compete by using only the wind and water to increase, maintain or decrease their speed.

  • A competitor may swim, walk or paddle while capsized or recovering, provided the kiteboard does not gain a significant advantage in the race

  • Competitors shall not wear or carry clothing or equipment for the purpose of increasing their weight. However, a competitor may wear a drinking container that shall have a capacity of at least one litre and weigh no more than 1.5 kilograms when full.

  • If a competitor causes injury, damage or a tangle or gained a significant advantage in the race or series by her breach, her penalty shall be to retire.

  • Each competitor shall be provided with a race bib that needs to be worn and clearly displayed

Event Categories

- Open

Age Groups M&F

- Under 19
- Open
- 45+

Event Pricing

TableSaw Stack Table
Event Early Bird On Time Late On the Day
Slalom Closes 5pm 20 July Closes 5pm 15 Oct Closes 5pm 24 Oct 26 Oct
$30.00 $40.00 $50.00 $60.00




Each competitor will receive:

  • Event merchandise at Registration see the event programme for times.
  • Event day results
  • Prize draw from our sponsors
  • An amazing race venue in an amazing part of the world
  • Safe and professionally managed event
  • An amazing experience to meet and greet all our event volunteers
  • A crazy weekend mixing with Stand Up Paddle Boarders, Kite Surfers, Ocean Paddlers, and Beach Netballers both on the beach and at the Husky Pub
  • Post event snacks and recovery nutrition
  • Shopping at our event expo
  • and most importantly, the opportunity for bragging rights and annual stories with friends and family.


Collection of your Registration pack is compulsory for all individual entrants. These can be collected from the Registration Marquee. On the day entries will be available, please check the Event Schedule for registration times. Junior athletes please bring your parent or guardian along with you. *Cash and eftpos facilities will be available.


Can be accessed via the Results link at the top of the page. Results will be uploaded as soon as possible after the completion of the event.


Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd outright Male and Female plus 1st, 2nd and 3rd Male and Female in each of the above age divisions.


If you have any personal belongings you wish to take to the start line, please provide a secure labelled bag to leave at the start area and we will transport your personal belongings to the finish. Please note the event organisers will take care of your belongings, but no responsibility will be taken for valuables or clothing that are lost or damaged.


If you do not have a ride to the start line, please indicate this during the entry process and we will organize a share ride or bus.


We reserve the right to cancel the event if the weather conditions on the day are unsafe and dangerous to either swimmers or our support paddlers. If the event is canceled, there will be no re-run of the event and online entries will not be refunded.


There will be a fenced off area on the beach where all craft can be left overnight if you choose. Event organizers will have contracted security overnight and until the next event.


There is not enough parking for participants vehicles at this location, so a drop off zone will be provided where you will be able to drop your craft on the grassed area and park your vehicle in your accommodation or the back streets of Huskisson.


Legropes are required for all races. Life jackets are required for open water races only. (this can be either a bum bag or full life jacket as long as it meets legal requirements.