BEACH Water polo

Beach Water Polo is a new and exciting concept that is hitting the shores (or should we say shorelines) of Australia! Open to participants of all ages, skill levels and fitness, Beach Water Polo is a modified format, played on a smaller field and with only 4 players. With men's, women's & mixed competitions in a range of different locations, there is nothing stopping you from diving in and giving it a go! 

Beach Water Polo is fun for the whole family. You can swim out and spectate from the water, bring your own kayak or paddle board, or kick back on the beach and relax.

Mixed Team

4 - 8 Players per team
Minimum 2 Males & 2 Females
on the court at all times
Ages 14+

Female Team

4 - 8 Players per team
Females only
Ages 14+


+ Team Selection

Team captains will need to create a team and password. Each team is allowed between 4 and 8 players. Your team members can then use this information to join the team and pay individually online. That means no more chasing your flaky mates to transfer you money - happy days! Team captains also have the option to pre-pay for the team and send team mates the link to register their details.

+ What equipment do I need?

Caps and balls will be provided, so all you need to play is some swimwear and a good attitude. If you want to be the best looking team on the day and wear matching swimwear, we have a good looking range of togs available for purchase, or you can talk to our mates at Delfina.

+ I am a beginner water polo player. Am I going to get smashed?

Certainly not! This event was created with players of all levels and abilities in mind. We are encouraging players of all levels to come and experience Beach Water Polo Fours, so no experience is needed! We even wrote a blog post about it here so you can see for yourself that anyone can play!

+ What else should I bring?

Consider SUPs, surfboards, row boats, inflatable flamingos, every other trendy inflatable toy, tents and umbrellas officially added to the ‘bring it to Wollongong if you have it’ category. Heck, you can even bring your trained dolphin.

+ Registration

Team Captains must report to the Registration Tent (Huskisson Beach) no later than 1 hour prior the first match (approx 10:00am) and collect the day's fixtures.

+ Rules

Unless we say otherwise, all other normal water polo rules apply - if you are a first timer and need a crash course in the basics check out this great video! For pointers on how our rules work in practice check out this handy explainer!

  • 3 field players and a GK in the water at any time (for mixed teams, there must be 2 girls and 2 boys on the field at all times)
  • 6 minute running time halves + 2 min half time
  • Halves are scored as individual sets, like volleyball or tennis
  • Winning both halves ends the game at 2-0
  • Winning a half each results in a 3 person penalty shootout, where players will have 10 seconds to get as close to goal as they can and have a shot, receiving a pass from the GK, who can also shoot!
  • Substitutions can be made anywhere along the teams sideline OUTSIDE the 5m line - i.e. the white zone!
  • Exclusions still need to go to the penalty box, marked in red. Players can immediately come back into play once they have entered the penalty box (i.e. no 20 second exclusions)
  • Each team can nominate a 'power play' once per game (regular time only), where the next goal scored by either team is worth 2 - it can only be called directly after a goal has been scored
  • No shot clock - though the referee can call a 'passive' play if the attacking team is not trying to score, by shouting 'move it on', at which point the attacking team has 2 passes to get a shot on goal before a turnover is called

+ Presentation & Prizes

Medals will be awarded to each team member down to the 3rd place for both Mixed & Female Teams.Players will receive sponsored products on the day